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Dirty Looks

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


Some people had bad childhoods. They need lots and lots and lots of attention to fill the emotional void that "Bad Mother" left them with. These are the people in our neighborhoods who create "looks."

Nothing ties an outfit together like accessories. Notice how the fluffy hair accouterment matches both her tutu and the areoles on her Triple Q boobs? No way you are man enough for her.

A yellow suit with a svest? Dude, get it over with and start a nursery school in your basement so you can carry around that Curious George lunchbox you've been eyeing for the last six months. You can say it's one of the children's.

Way to cash in on the post-9-11 "firemen-are-so-awesome" tip. Plastic toy hat or not, with those guns and that red shirt, he ain't just foolin'. Motherfucker is a fireman.

Blue hair is bold, but topped off with a tiara, it's downright dangerous. You can tell from the gentleman's expression that her kiss is full of venom. His face is beginning to feel tingly as he slips ever-so-much closer to death.


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