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Notes and sourcing for "Hip-hop's shadowy empire, part 3"


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MEECH'S ARREST: A) According to documents filed in relation to the October 2005 federal case: "Three firearms were seized during the defendant's arrest on this indictment at his home located at 5173 Brandywine Lane, Frisco, Texas." "Upon defendant's arrest on October 20, 2005, police seized, among other things, a 2004 Bentley Continental GT, a 2005 Dodge Magnum, a Ford F150 Pickup Truck, and jewelry valued at approximately $695,000. Defendant was arrested in his Frisco, Texas home, which although rented by the defendant, is valued at $1.2 million dollars." "In the course of his arrest ... law enforcement seized marijuana, ecstasy, and three weapons from defendant's house. One of the weapons was a high velocity weapon capable of overcoming bulletproof vests and known as a 'cop killer.'" B) At the January 2006 hearing in relation to the federal case, Meech's attorney, Findling, pointed out, "The gun that was talked about in Texas, there's no indication that was ever used. It was in a vault." C) At the same hearing, DEA Agent Bell said Meech was reticent following the arrest: "I know for several hours he sat silently."

TERRY'S ARREST: The details of Southwest T's Oct. 27, 2005, arrest are described in a U.S. Marshal's Service "Catch of the Week" report.

THE OTHER DEFENDANTS: Among the other defendants charged in the federal indictment brought against Meech and Southwest T: BMF Entertainment Chief Operating Officer Chad "J-Bo" Brown; the three alleged BMF couriers stopped in Missouri, Jabari Hayes, Calvin "Playboy" Sparks and Christopher "Pig" Triplett; and the well-known, New York-based jeweler to the stars, Jacob "The Jeweler" Arabo. Arabo (who is listed in the indictment by his birth name, Jacob Arabov) is alleged to have helped BMF members launder money through jewelry purchased by alleged BMF members from Arabo's swanky Upper East Side shop, Jacob & Co. According to the indictment, "Jacob Arabov facilitated the purchase of jewelry utilizing the drug proceeds of Terry Lee Flenory, Demetrius Edward Flenory and others in order to conceal the true source, nature and ownership of the funds involved in these transactions."

THE CHARGES: Of the 41 defendants named in the federal indictment, only Meech and Southwest T face the Continued Criminal Enterprise charge, which can carry a sentence of life in prison. Southwest T faces a total of 11 counts: the CCE charge, six counts of cocaine conspiracy or possession, three counts of using a cell phone in violation of the federal Controlled Substance Act and one count of money laundering. Meech faces six counts: CCE, four counts of cocaine conspiracy or possession and one count of money laundering.

THE WITNESSES: At the January 2006 hearing in relation to the October 2005 federal case, DEA Agent Bell testified, "There are at least 25, probably more witnesses that we have in relation to this case, and I think I said 10 or more witnesses specific to Demetrius Flenory." According to documents Meech's attorney, Findling, filed Feb. 13, 2006, in relation to the case, "while the Government promised at the conclusion of the detention hearing to provide discovery concerning the alleged witnesses, they have to this date failed to do so."


BLEU'S RIDE: The video during which Bleu described the goings-on with BMF Entertainment was released in October 2006 as a DVD accompanying his compilation album, The World Is BMF's, Vol. 2.

BABY BLEU'S DEATH: The March 9, 2006, incident in the Buckhead parking lot is described in an Atlanta Police report: "Witnesses stated that [the] incident started at the club Living Room bar, when ... [Baby Bleu's] ex-girlfriend [and his] current girlfriend ... were involved in an altercation. [The ex] stated that [Baby Bleu] asked her to meet him at the 'Rooms-To-Go' parking lot. ... Once in the parking lot, [Baby Bleu] and [the ex] were talking prior to the physical altercation that ensued between herself and victim. ... [Baby Bleu] continued to escalate the situation between himself and [the ex]." According to the report, several friends of Baby Bleu's ex-girlfriend arrived at the scene, including a man named Sheldon Mayers. "[Baby Bleu] approached Mr. Mayers in an aggressive manor. ... All three witnesses stated that when [Baby Bleu] pulled on the passenger side door of Mayers [sic] vehicle, they heard several gunshots, and [saw Baby Bleu] falling to the ground. Mr. Mayers fled the location. Based on the witnesses [sic] statement, a Fulton County warrant for murder was signed by a Fulton County magistrate judge, which was issued for suspect Sheldon B. Mayers."

FOCUSING ON BLEU: In the DVD magazine Smack, Meech describes BMF Entertainment's devotion to Bleu DaVinci: "It's all around Bleu. We want Bleu in the best of everything, show him the best everything, show him that a person can come from nothing to something and step in this game with something and keep going. ... That's basically what we're focusing on, getting Bleu DaVinci started, which is gonna bring BMF into the industry to be a major label like Universal, or Interscope or Dreamworks or Def Jam. ... If you put the whole million dollars or $500,000 behind Bleu DaVinci, now you got a big project and it looks good and everything's rolling."

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