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Notes and sourcing for "Hip-hop's shadowy empire, part 3"


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OTHER WITNESS STATEMENTS: A) According to one witness's hand-written account of the stabbings, which was filed in relation to the Fulton County case, "I was standing at the bar at Justin's restaurant with my brother Bobby Brown. My nephew Shayne Brown and Kelsey Brown were behind us with other family members and friends. I heard my niece ... yell and when I turned around I saw Shayne covered in blood. Bobby grabbed Shayne and we all ran out the door to the car and rushed Shayne to Piedmont Hospital." B) To view another witness's statement, click here: part 1 [pdf]. (Note: the name of the two witnesses were withheld because they were not alleged to have any involvement in the crime.)


JEEZY'S RELEASE PARTY: A) A May 2006 Vibe article gives a comprehensive account of the July 2005 album release party: "Just after 9 p.m., ... a pair of chartered tour buses pulled up to Vision Nightclub & Lounge on Atlanta's Peachtree Street for a party celebrating the release of Young Jeezy's major label solo debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101. Yet when the bus doors opened, it was not Jeezy who emerged but members of the storied ATL street crew Black Mafia Family. ... Once inside, BMF awed partiers by tossing fistfuls of cash as they awaited Jeezy. ... Jeezy took the stage surrounded by BMF members and employees of his Corporate Thugz Entertainment label." B) also reported on the party: "It looks almost like a football tailgaters' party outside club Vision. About 3,000 people are lined up outside, ... and just about none of them are getting in. ... Vision already has 5,000 people inside and is about to burst at the seams. ... So how does an MC who the mainstream only really got to know last week, when his debut solo album, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, opened at no. 2 on the Billboard albums chart, lock down a city as huge as ATL? Simple: he has one of the largest street followings in the business." C) A comment posted on a blog entry about club Vision stated, "I remember the one time I went when they had the Young Jeezy album release party and them BMF niggas came like 30 deep, and they was all ridin solo up in black lambos and black aston martins." D) And according to the website, "Only Jeezy can bring them out like that on a Tuesday night. Thousands of people all dressed in black [were] trying to get in his packed album release party at the newly remodeled Club Vision."

BABY BLEU'S ARREST: At Marque "Baby Bleu" Dixson's Aug. 11, 2005, bond hearing, his attorney, Brian Steel, said of his Aug. 3 arrest: "He was here in Atlanta at the Jazz Festival at Centennial Park. Law enforcement officers came up to him, asked him to stand up, [state] his name. He properly gave his identification. [They told him] turn around, you are under arrest for aggravated battery, aggravated assault." Steel also said at the hearing, "The charges are meritless and baseless. And we have alibi witnesses who were with my client on that date. The description of the person who allegedly stabbed this man is totally different from what my client was wearing. I'm just trying to get a videotape that is supposedly at Justin's, although the videotape is now, from my understanding, gone. And hopefully the authorities have it." A document filed Aug. 4 in relation to Baby Bleu's case cites the "outstanding warrant issued by the FBI" for Baby Bleu.

OMARI'S PLEA: According to a law enforcement source who spoke to CL on the condition of anonymity, the case against Omari and his two co-defendants was the only BMF-related one to reach a resolution in court. "He was the first guy that the state had even prosecuted in relation to the Black Mafia Family," the source said. According to court documents filed in relation to the June 2005 case, Omari pleaded guilty on Aug. 9, 2005. His co-defendant, Jeffery Leahr, pleaded guilty Feb. 1, 2006, to cocaine trafficking and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Jeffery's girlfriend, Courtney Williams, pleaded guilty Feb. 21, 2006, to conspiring to traffic cocaine and was sentenced to five years.


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