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Notes and sourcing for "Hip-hop's shadowy empire, part 3"


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"Where is the gate located?"

"Off of Roswell Road, near the Chevron."

"Have you ever purchased or obtained drugs from the gate?"


"How did you obtain the drugs?"

"I would call J-Bo, and then I would go and pick it up."

"Where would you pick it up?"

"At the gate."

"Would anyone be there when you arrived?"

"Yes, J-Bo. ..."

"Who is J-Bo?"

"He works for dude."

"Who is dude?"

"Dude is Meech."

"Who is responsible for the drugs getting to the gate?"


"How much have you seen while at the gate?"

"About 50 keys."

"Would you be willing to show me where the gate is located?"

"Man, I ain't talking no more. These people know my family. Will I walk?"



THE HOME INVASION: Gucci's former attorney, Dennis Scheib, described the alleged attack to CL. "One of them hit [Gucci] in the head," Scheib said. "It was something wrapped up. He thought it was brass knuckles. They came in with duct tape, too. ... They pulled out a gun, and they had tape. And they pointed a weapon either at him or his friend, and he just wasn't going to wait until they started shooting." When asked about the alleged intruders' weapons, Gucci's current attorney, Ash Joshi, replied, "Certainly brass knuckles. Certainly guns ... and some drawn."

CAPTURING GATLING: The details of Deron Gatling's arrest are described in a U.S. Marshal's Service "Catch of the Week" report.

JUSTIN'S: The Atlanta Police incident report on the stabbings, which occurred in the early-morning hours of May 23, 2005, states the following: A) "[V]ictims were transported to Piedmont Hospital and Atlanta Medical hospital. I responded to Piedmont Hospital where Shane [sic] Brown was transported and was advised that he suffered a stab wound to the neck. [Another officer] responded to Atlanta Medical where Kelsey Brown was transported and was told that Mr. K. Brown was also stabbed in the neck and was in stable condition." B) "The victims were the family members of artist Bobby Brown. ... Mr. Brown was at the restaurant/bar with family members celebrating a birthday, when the alleged suspect, 'Baby Blue,' [sic.] and the victim Shane [sic.] Brown became engaged in a verbal altercation. Family members stated that the suspect 'Baby Blue' [sic.] made statements that they kill people. Family members stated that when they heard those words, they made an attempt to pull Shane from the argument, this is when the next thing they know, Shane was on the floor bleeding, from a large cut wound to his neck. ... Kelsey Brown, who was transported to the Atlanta Medical Center, by his mother, advised ... that he went to the aid of his cousin Shane [sic], and he was struck by the very big guy, who was with the suspect 'Baby Blue.' [sic.] Kelsey told [police] that the big guy jumped over a table, and struck him. He advised that he did not know he was cut until he saw the blood. ... The victim Shane [sic] was rushed to surgery. ... [One] witness advised that Baby Blue [sic.] is someone that [they] know and that they have seen this suspect with his friends before." C) "[T]he victims Kelsey and Shane [sic] Brown were severely stabbed in the face and neck area with a possible Ice Pick. ... The suspects were scene [sic] by a witness fleeing the scene in [Cleveland Hall's] vehicle. [Hall's] vehicle was identified through a car tag that was gathered by a witness." D) "See Supplement ... on details of case involving Bobby Brown's Family and Members Of BMF."

THE INJURIES: To view Marque "Baby Bleu" Dixson's indictment, which describes the victims' injuries, click here: part 1 [pdf] and part 2 [pdf]. To see the description of the injuries provided in the arrest warrant for Baby Bleu, click here [pdf].

THE SUV: An affidavit filed by an investigator in relation to Cleveland Hall's alleged role in the Justin's incident states: "The witnesses indicated that the suspects fled the scene in an SUV and gave four of six characters of the tag. The witnesses also gave a physical description of the driver of the SUV. Investigation identified the accused as the driver of the SUV based on a tag description given by the witnesses. Victim Shane [sic] Brown identified the accused as being involved in the attack based on viewing the drivers [sic] license picture of the accused. Arrest warrants have been obtained for the arrest of the accused. The accused was located and placed in custody on May 24, 2005."

CLEVELAND HALL'S STATEMENT: The day after the shooting, Hall gave the following statement to Atlanta Police: "On May 23, 2005 at about 1:00 a.m. in the morning, I was at Justin's. An altercation between Bobby Browns [sic] nephew and some other individual broke out. I went to try and break it up. After I got there, I saw somebody bleeding. I stepped back towards the entrance. I left out of the building and I went towards my vehicle. I waited for Fabulous [sic] and his manager and we left." For more of the statement, click here: part1 and part 2 [pdf].

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