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Notes and sourcing for 'Hip-hop's shadowy empire, part 1'


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MEECH'S MOTORCADE: A) Vol. 8 of the DVD magazine Smack, filmed in 2004 and released in January 2005, shows Bleu DaVinci, the sole artist signed to the record label Meech headed, driving an H2 and claiming that an affiliate was driving behind him in a "Porsche truck." At another point in the DVD, Bleu gives the cameraman a tour of a silver Ferrari, silver Rolls Royce Phantom and silver Bentley GT. "It's Meech's shit," he says. Also in the DVD, Meech and Bleu are filmed in a club rapping in unison, "We got Bentleys and Ferraris, Porsches and Excursions/Copped a few H2s/Got rid of them Suburbans." And the DVD shows Meech's associates with their cars in front of clubs in Miami's South Beach. B) Vibe magazine reported in a May 2006 article that Meech and his entourage had arrived at a 2005 party at Atlanta's club Vision in two tour buses. C) By 2006, the feds would seize 35 vehicles -- including a Hummer H2, a Maserati, an Aston Martin and two Bentley GTs -- tied to Meech's organization, according to documents filed in October 2005 in federal court in Detroit.

"EVERYBODY MOVE LIKE BROTHERS": In Smack, Meech is filmed saying, "Everybody move like brothers, and then everybody is from different places -- Milwaukee, St. Louis, Detroit, Texas, Atlanta, Cali. You know what I'm saying? Florida. We got people from everywhere in our mob. Everybody move as one."

HIERARCHY OF THE CREW: Observations of the behavior of Meech's entourage come from DVD magazines Smack and The Raw Report, vol. 2, released in October 2004. The thread about Meech can be viewed here.

"THE BIG ONE": In a Nov. 12, 2003, article published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Buckhead resident interviewed about the Chaos incident said, "Several years ago, I was talking to detectives and officers and they said there was going to be, quote, 'the big one.' This, I guess, you would call a big one."

POST-SUPER-BOWL STABBINGS: Ray Lewis was arrested for the Jan. 31, 2000, stabbings, but murder and aggravated assault charges were dropped on June 5, 2000. Lewis pleaded guilty only to obstruction of justice, a misdemeanor.

CELEB SIGHTINGS AT CHAOS: According to the AJC gossip column "Peach Buzz," Shaquille O'Neal had a birthday party at Chaos in March 2001, and Eminem was at the club in January 2003 following the NBA All-Star Game.

HIP-HOP NIGHT: Chaos owner Brian Alt was quoted in a Nov. 13, 2003, AJC article saying that due to hip-hop Mondays, the night had become his most profitable. "We had celebrities come in almost every week." CL's numerous attempts to reach Alt were unsuccessful.

THE CREW IN THE CLUB: Chaos was not a large club -- at least not on the scale of mega-clubs such as Compound and Vision. Chaos had three separate spaces, each with its own bar: a lounge-like foyer, a dance floor behind it and a long narrow room to the side. An article in the May 2006 issue of Vibe estimated that on the night Meech went to Chaos, his entourage numbered in the "dozens."

CONFRONTATION WITH WOLF: A) An affidavit filed in Fulton County Superior Court by Atlanta Police Investigator Louis Torres states: "Inside the club, there was an altercation between ... Jones and another group of men which included [Meech]." B) In a Nov. 12, 2003, story about the Wolf incident, reported that "[w]itnesses told police that an argument over a woman may have sparked the shooting. The manager of Chaos claimed that an unidentified woman and her date entered the club around 1 a.m. and were met by the woman's ex-boyfriend." The article states that Wolf "started harassing the couple, prompting security guards to ask him to leave." C) An article published the following day in the AJC states, "Anthony 'Wolf' Jones confronted his longtime girlfriend because she had arrived with a group of men for 'hip-hop night' at Chaos." Wolf "left peaceably at 1:30 a.m." at Alt's request, according to the story. D) According to the May 2006 Vibe article, "Wolf staggered through the BMF-heavy crowd inside the club and began chatting up an ex-girlfriend, a stripper who had been partying with Meech that night. When Wolf groped her in full view of the other clubgoers, Meech warned him to back off, and Wolf responded by choking her."

THE CREW'S PARTY HABITS: DVD magazines Smack and The Raw Report show Meech and his entourage with their own individual bottles of champagne. In the Smack DVD, Meech says, "A lot of niggas don't like to spend their money. We love to spend money. ... When we go out at night, whatever we spend, $50,000, $100,000 in the muthafuckin club, we can afford to do it."

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