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Dead Confederate: Dirty Ammo EP




The sweeping grandeur of Dead Confederate's live presence isn't quite palpable on the group's 2008 studio opus, Wrecking Ball. Dirty Ammo captures the unrestrained guitar mantras and clusters of cymbal crashes that the Athens post-grunge five-piece summons onstage via "Gun," "Tortured Artist Saint" and the low, sobering rumble of Elliot Smith's "Roman Candle" performed live at the Earl. Vocalist/guitarist Hardy Morris' bleeding-throat ruminations in a cover of Officer May's "Smoking A Minor" sound as though he could burst at any minute, instilling a sense of anxiety that colors every noisy note. As such, Dirty Ammo is a sprawling, beautifully executed mini epic that doesn't make for an easy listening experience. But angst and catharsis of such magnitude rarely comes easy. 4 out of 5 stars.

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