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Danielle Roney

Installation artist



An independent public art consultant who dreams of establishing several arts districts for the Beltline and Peachtree corridor projects, installation artist Danielle Roney recently received grants from both the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and the Loridans Foundation to support her work with technology in Atlanta, South Africa and China, where she maintains a studio.

Explain one of your current projects that will be supported by these grants.

"Global Portals" is an international simulcast project. It's a public art project where I'm using the Internet and virtual space to cross geographic and time barriers to actually connect different people from different countries and different economic levels together in live interaction and live events.

What do you miss the most when you're in China, and when you are in Atlanta?

[In China] I like to drive, so that's the thing that probably frustrates me the most. [In Atlanta] I do have a lot of close Chinese friends and the camaraderie and the amount of time we spend together.

What's your idea of a great Atlanta public space?

I think Piedmont Park is an incredibly important anchor, especially for the diversity of programming that it allows. But I think that needs to be expanded.

Define for people who might not know, what an installation artist is.

To me an installation artist, instead of making one object, the object is the environment and it's very relevant that they are trying to affect the physical realm of the viewer.

What's the best thing about being an artist?

I feel like I have control over the creative process and I feel that I can contribute to society with it.

The worst thing?

I'm never out of ideas and I'm always having to catch up to them.

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