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Daneea Badio

Poet and motivational speaker is a 'Messenger' in her own right


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Inspiring others is as natural as breathing for Atlanta native Daneea Badio. A current contestant on the Learning Channel's reality show "The Messengers," Badio is a poet, motivational speaker, author and an advocate for the homeless. She is one of 10 contestants vying for the title of America's next great inspirational speaker.

Although not a parent herself, Badio co-founded "Single Parent Connection, Inc." with her mother. SPC's primary function is to help parents with financial management, educational development and personal development.

At her audition, producers of "The Messengers" looked at Badio's résumé and realized she was a poet. They asked her to recite something on the spot. She did a racy piece of her own entitled "On My Mind."

One episode of "The Messengers" entailed the contestants taking a trip to the local morgue. Badio says this gave her an appreciation for death. "Death teaches us how to live and reminds us [that] we don't have forever to live."

She was the last contestant selected for "The Messengers" and had just 10 days to get to L.A. Her mother answered the phone when the producers called. Her reply was, "What took you so long?"



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