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Dan Sartain: Dan Sartain Lives

One Little Indian Records



Dan Sartain draws inspiration from his Southern roots as much as he kicks against them on Dan Sartain Lives. It's hard to imagine the twang and haunted bass line of "Atheist Funeral" going over well where the Bible Belt buckles in his hometown of Birmingham, Ala. It's also hard to imagine such a dark, post-rockabilly sound coming from anywhere else. Lives dwells on subtle guitar/bass/drum and reverb arrangements that sink short, stylish fangs into the uncomplicated lyrics of "Bohemian Grove," which stomps like Sartain's answer to "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone," made famous by the Monkees in '66. The sway between devil-may-care attitude and cautionary tale in "Walk Among the Cobras," "Voo Doo" and "Bad Things Will Happen" shows Sartain growing exponentially as a songwriter, by crafting an unhurried album that slithers far beyond the rocket-fueled garage revival of his past. (3 out of 5 stars)

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