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Dan Kennedy

Rock On: An Office Power Ballad



Dan Kennedy brings humor and life to any situation. Whether it's about growing up (which was the focus of his first book, Loser Goes First) or working in the corporate world, he always brings a smile to your lips and laughter to the point of tears.

In his latest memoir, Rock On, Kennedy regales the reader with his tales of working in the music industry, while including lists such as "Free Lyrics for Any All-Girl Rock Band Trying to Win Over the Middle-Aged White Suburban Male Demographic," and "Ineffective Names for a Hardcore Death Metal Band," just to name a few.

Kennedy shows what it's like to be human, even in the workplace, where it's not always the best idea to be vulnerable. If you've ever felt awkward in public, you'll be comforted to know you're not alone. Dan Kennedy knows exactly how you feel and shows it through his struggle to blend in and succeed in the corporate world – and sometimes even in life. 5 stars

Meet Dan Kennedy at Wordsmiths Book in Decatur. Sat., Feb. 16. 7:30 p.m.

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