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Curren$y: Here EP




Curren$y makes Creole living sound easy. He rolls his consonants like a true Bayou kid; the rapper's beats are as humid as the Gulf. New Orleans-born Curren$y lets the good vibrations of Pilot Talk and Weekend at Burnie's ripen on victory-lapping new EP Here. Only "#CruiseLife," which lifts the haunted, syrup-slurping instrumental from Kanye West's "Drive Slow," breaks the lazy spell. Curren$y's reworking of that Late Registration hit is bested by his more playful freestyle over Jay-Z's "Bring It On." There, his braggadocio ("Spit that ignorant shit, but I deliver it so proper/You couldn't see me with binoculars, church homie, gospel") is so sweet, you'll catch the faint scent of pot brownies. This scientifically formulaic EP never reinvents the wheel, but one can't overstate just how fun it is to hear the Hot Spitta get baked in the Nawlins sun while a jazz-rock Fender Rhodes plays gingerly in the background. In an already unseasonably warm winter, Here is a gust of summer air. (3 out of 5 stars)

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