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A.P.A. guitarist gets his s-i-p on


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For more than 14 years, Richard Henderson has been churning out a hard-hitting variety of street punk while watching the ebb and flow of Atlanta's music scene -- and his pint glass. He churned through a laundry list of bands before earning his current spot as guitarist for A.P.A. ( He's also scoured the road with underground icons such as Roger Miret and the Disasters, and Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards. When asked to divulge tales from A.P.A.'s 2004 tour, he simply says, "I think I fell down every flight of stairs in Canada." Check out his top underground spots to down a few tallboys around the city.

1) Time out at the Masquerade: "It's always good for quiet nights and low-key drinking."

2) Skankin' at the Standard: "On Tuesdays, they've got like reggae rock garage night."

3) Bar culture at Lenny's: "A very eclectic scene. I hate one-sided atmospheres."

4) Quarters at 97 Estoria: "They have an awesome jukebox. The music is amazing."

5) Everything in between: "I hate sticking to one place. I like seeing different culture and not limiting myself to one type of person."


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