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Alon's Alon's may have recently expanded its take-out counter, but the homey yet intelligently wrought baked goods remain the soul of the store's business. (We love those transcendental chocolate chip cookies!) What their croissants lack in fragile crispness on the outside, they make up for in rich flavor and gossamer texture. Keep your eye out for the beguilingly complex pistachio croissant.

1394 N. Highland Ave. 404-872-6000.

Douceur de France The first time you drive up to this little white house in an intense industrial area, you might wonder if you wrote down the wrong address. You didn't. Ring the doorbell and someone (probably Danielle Beaudet, whose chef husband Luc makes the pastries) will let you in and lead you to the pastry display. Hone in on the almond croissant and their pain de raisin, a circular pastry made from croissant dough.

367 Glover St., Marietta. 770-425-5050.

Pastries A GoGo If we had to name one model croissant in the metro Atlanta area, it would be Bob Light's. He doesn't bother with a variety of flavors - he makes plain on weekdays and adds an almond variation to the mix on the weekend. The burnished tops of his dotingly sculpted creations shatter between your teeth, and the pure taste of butter permeates your mouth. It's improbable that you'll eat just one.

250 W. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur. 404-373-3423.

Star Provisions Seekers of Atlanta's ultimate pain au chocolat, this is your holy grail. Star only makes croissants on Saturday. If you swing by around noon, they're often still warm from the oven and the intense, dark chocolate still slightly molten. You may want to call ahead and reserve one - they disappear rapidly.

1198 Howell Mill Road. 404-365-0410.

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