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Consumer Culture

Welcome, welcome, to the store of dreams
Where all is for sale, just as it seems.
A new purse, new pipe, some blush or some spirit,
Everything's on sale here, no need to fear it.
Some drag wear, some club wear, new shoes for good measure,
From vintage to vinyl, just imagine the treasures.

We pamper ourselves with massages and spas,
All-night shopping for pornos, dildos and bras.
Comic books, cameras, the market Latino,
Here's a good deal on your beer and your vino.
The shopkeeps, so friendly. They smile and they sing.
The customers line up while the registers ka-ching.

Welcome, oh welcome, to our city of malls.
We pack 'em in tightly; come again, y'all.
What's that you say? We're spoiled by our finds?
But everyone loves shopping, it eases the mind.
The store may be closing, the hour getting late.
Just come back tomorrow. Isn't the free market great?

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