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Coming soon: your local trash transfer station


If the state Environmental Protection Division is successful in shutting down Live Oak landfill, then the city of Atlanta will have to find somewhere else to dump the 260,000 tons of trash it collects annually.

That somewhere else could be the intersection of Marietta Boulevard and Bankhead Highway, less than two miles west of the Georgia Tech campus. City officials are considering contracting with Brown-Ferris Industries to build a "transfer station" there -- a temporary holding place for trash before it's carted away to a distant landfill.

Ray Chewning, the director of Live Oak, predicts that shutting down Live Oak and going with the transfer station idea will add 110,000 tractor-trailers of trash every year to Atlanta's roads. Not a pleasant thought.

Ivory Lee Young Jr., the city councilman who represents the area where the transfer station may be located, is none too happy.

"The plain simple reality is [the proposed site] is near highly densely populated neighborhoods, most of them contiguous, one next to the other," Young says.

Young says the transfer station sites should be decided by a consensus of neighborhood groups.

"It has to be a win-win situation," Young says. "They just can't go in [my district]."

A judge will decide this month whether Live Oak will have to close next year.

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