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Responses to 'A very special Don't Panic' and 'Street warfare'


Online responses to Andisheh Nouraee's "A very special Don't Panic," and John Sugg's "Street warfare."

A very special don't panic:

I hope you never have to pay for drinks... There should be no shortage of people willing to buy your drinks for so succinctly saying what so many of us frustratingly believe.


Thanks: Thanks for placing the blame for the mess we're in squarely where it belongs - with the people who choose not to pay attention to anything but their own immediate comfort and enjoyment, or perhaps their own fear and prejudices.I only hope we wake up soon enough that my son isn't faced with a military draft in another decade.

-- Dave

street warfare:

Have some cheese with that whine: Yes! How vile and vicious to suggest that people WORK and provide for THEMSELVES. Most delicious is the fact that enablers like Beaty and Sugg are themselves largely responsible for the homeless 'problem' due to their incessant coddling of the lazy!


HomelessMoney: John you're right on point! It's amazing that caring for the least of these is considered a free ride while the real debauchery is staunchly supported and even voted for. People should get off the high horse of ignorance and get real. Between 40-50% of homeless individuals work and another 13% receive some type of income. Even the men and women who rely on subsidy put those resources right back into the local economy, and they all pay the same tax rate as the heartless in Atlanta; probably more often. Remember people that the homeless community needs someone to look up to. Be like JOHN SUGG!


Excuse me!! "Between 40-50% of homeless individuals work and another 13% receive some type of income." I'm not sure I buy this line...can you provide your source? And what exactly does "work" mean. Do we consider standing on an exit ramp with a cardboard sign working?


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