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'Politics not going your way' and 'Go tell the Spartans'

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Politics not going your way?

Give it a rest: You are a moron. Is that all you have to do is pick on Ann Coulter? Faggot is a word just that nothing more. I've been called cracker and honky and to me this is just as offensive as the n-word or faggot. What I really find offensive is they want to be called gay. They have now ruined a perfectly good word and turned it into something disgusting. Even though I find these words (cracker and honky) offensive I'm not running around telling people we have to stop using them. Grow up and start writing about things that matter like the SP's trying to change the constitution in a very bad way. get a life and leave Ann Coulter alone.

-- Gator

Lies: Glass Houses! I guess if you couldn't lie, distort facts, and generally make things up you wouldn't have a column to write. You make silly comments about republicans yet democrats have done nothing for gays EVER. Sure they parade the faggots out every four years with lies then once the mindless faggots vote for them they stuff us away.

-- Jim McLean

Commenting on Bad Behavior: Unfortunately, conservatives have been given a really bad image with the likes of Coulter. If only we all turn our backs on the likes of her, Hannity and their ilk, the better. As it is, they are only preaching to the choir in the church of the small-minded, mean-spirited, hate-mongers. Wish we could just ship them off to Iraq to fight the "war" and bring the troops home now.

-- Itchy

Which is worse?: Republicans who tell you they don't agree with you and won't help your cause ... or Democrats who promise the world and tell you how much they will fight for you and then give you "Don't Ask Don't Tell" or as Elmer Fudd would say "Be Vewwy Vewwy Qwuiet". At least the Republicans are honest about their bigotry.

-- Dale

Go Tell The Spartans

Grow a Pair, Holman: I'm a retired VFW from the US Army, Holman. You can say whatever you want about us but you can't say whatever you want without us, because your Ayatollah of Iran sucking anti-American terrorist buddies you don't have the balls to say anything offensive about would chop your chickenshit closet Commie head off if you said the wrong thing about them without the thin wall of steel American GIs give cowardly little pukes jealous of their manhood like you to hide behind while you're shooting your big mouth off about them. Hell, maybe you're right and us GIs are actually the stupid ones for hating tyrants like the Ayatollah who hang people just for exercising free speech to criticize his barbarous Dark Age cult of murdering thieves and liars. Maybe we should all convert to his damn religion and cut your damn head for insulting us. Kiss my ex-GI ass or grow a pair of your own so you won't feel the need to talk shit about guys who have what you evidently feel a lack of.

-- Jim in Texas

Just in time too: This is another subliminal brainwash movie to get us ready for another war. See what the real Greeks think about this historically inaccurate bigoted spin on their history: By ancient Persia, they refer to modern Iran whose soldiers are portrayed as bloodthirsty, underdeveloped zombies, he wrote. They are stroking racist instincts in Europe and America. Please don't subsidize bigotry.

-- RatherNotSay

The coincidence is unfortunate: No, a film can't lead to war by itself. But it can do a lot to drum up tacit support if the decision is made. Iran hasn't attacked any other nation in 300 years. At one time, thousands of years ago, it was an aggressor; bringing that to the forefront with this film sort of bypasses that and makes us think of Iran as this aggressive nation that just wants to invade and take everyone over.

I suppose the director didn't know the situation between Iran and the U.S. would be like this when he began making the film, and he can't delay or not release a film because of politics. But it's important to keep in mind the facts of today. Tacit support for war against other countries is built up with little things like this, like it or not.

-- Daniel Tehrani

This Reaganite agrees with Holman: Yes. I hate the comic book movies, but I have seen 300 twice already, just to give them my money for the soldiers it will provide America's future. I could not have written better Pro-Western propaganda if I tried. I notice Holman has read some history in between issues of Time magazine and doses of NPR. See, he notes Persia as ancient Iran, but says in a line earlier 300 is "insensitive." Insensitive to the country who says Israel should be wiped off the map? Liberals cannot help but show their cards.

We ARE at war with IRAN for at least one year now. Fat guys in ties declaring it for NPR do not a war make. Iran using bribed agents (Amhed Challabi) and giving equipment to guerillas is war liberals. Face reality.

And yes, despite your best efforts and any military setback the left forces on us, we will kick their asses.

And then, America will kick your "asses", once again, out of congress.

-- America thanks Sparta

Um ...: Okay lets see, 300 was a great movie, and that's all it was -- a movie. Go out enjoy it talk about it and maybe see it again. Anyone who thinks this movie is leading towards a bigger middle eastern conflict seriously need to get outside or something I mean come on. So quit being retarded and get on with life PEACE.

-- Marshall Sanders


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