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Roads to Perdition

Over development

Why hasn't anyone addressed the issue of overdevelopment and unrestricted growth in our suburban communities? Also restricting the hours that commercial traffic can utilize the interstate. They slow down to a crawl at each on or off ramp and stop all traffic behind them. At different times during the day it looks like an enormous train is driving down the interstate. Also is it necessary to build a super-walmart, a super Target and another super wal-mart within five miles of each other on Cobb Parkway? This without making any improvements to the road or infrastructure. Also a larger population should mean increased tax revenue. Or are the people that resulted in this larger population even paying taxes?

-- jvg

This is our city

I realize I'm lucky and probably in the minority but I don't really encounter bad traffic that often. I have one of those 'reverse' commutes from Atlanta to Norcross for work. I realize this is mostly just luck. But there isn't a transit or road project that is going to ease peoples commutes that aren't within the same city. For instance there won't be any train or bus routes to take you from Dacula to Roswell or from Lawrenceville to Alpharetta. That really is 'commuter' rail. I think we can improve transit in the city of Atlanta by implementing bus rapid transit but no one seems very interested in that.

-- Roger

giving and taking it


Just when I think this column can't get any worse, you outdo yourself. I guess technically you did draw attention to a new bar, but, man, the rest of the rambling hipster quasi-lyrical stream of consciousness is getting old. Sorry this isn't hand scrawled.

-- hater

You, sir, are mistaken...

There is NOTHING quasi-lyrical on this page. I tried singing every word, and it sounds bad. And give me some credit -- I have to think really hard to write this column. Do you think dick jokes just bob merrily down the stream of consciousness? No, sir, I farm-raise them in pesticide and their own filth! But thanks for reading to see if I can get worse, you help set me a goal!

-- Tony Ware

Don't Grunt

grunting fools

The grunting fools deserve to have the siren go off. For some reason, a high percentage of people working out in gyms are dorks. Other pet peeves: 1) real men don't bang dumbbells together while lifting them. Real men control the weights. 2) people that use equipment as their personal valet, a place to rest their cell phone, keys, water, etc. 3) people that leave their sweat and oils all over equipment. 4) people that hog useful equipment to do stupid exercises, such as hogging the cable crossover machine to do limited-range bicep curls, while staring in the mirror to admire their skinny arms. Or using one side to work triceps when there are umpteen other tricep stations. You'll get a better bicep workout by just sitting on a bench with one or two dumbbells.

-- Slim

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