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Clusterfest 2012: Drive Invasion


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For all the high-tech hype about seeing the latest 3-D films in IMAX cinemas with digital projection and stadium seating, there isn't a more fun way to watch movies than at Drive Invasion. The Starlight Six Drive-In's annual festival of hot rods, rock bands, and cult movies combines the festive spirit of a tailgate party with the novelty of seeing movies under the stars. During daylight hours on Sun., Sept. 2, the Starlight will host a classic car show and a slew of rockabilly bands, including Black Lips, Subsonics, Blacktop Rockets, and Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks. At dusk, the movies start, with this year's festival featuring one highbrow classic and a threesome of beloved throwbacks.

The most prestigious film to grace the lineup is Ridley Scott's influential sci-fi mystery Blade Runner, a tale of renegade androids subsequently released in many alternate edits and director's cuts: This is the original theatrical version from 1982 featuring voice-over narration from Harrison Ford. For a big, dumb, hollerin' good time, John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China casts Kurt Russell as a John Wayne-wannabe truck driver who gets caught up in supernatural kung fu conflict in San Francisco's Chinatown. Blacula harks back to the Blaxploitation films of the 1970s in a spooky, campy tale of a vampirized African prince on the prowl in modern-day Los Angeles. Finally, the 1979 T&A comedy H.O.T.S. stars three Playboy playmates as a group of college girls who challenge their university's stuffy status quo by forming their own sorority. H.O.T.S. concludes with the rival sororities playing a game of strip football (which, one must admit, would probably be worth seeing in 3-D IMAX). $20-$25. 10 a.m. Sun., Sept. 2. Starlight Six Drive-In, 2000 Moreland Ave.


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