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Cliff's top 10 Atlanta restaurants

Our longtime columnist picks his favorite eateries of 2012



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EAST MEETS SOUTH: Cardamom Hill's Kerala fried chicken
  • James Camp
  • EAST MEETS SOUTH: Cardamom Hill's Kerala fried chicken

4) Taqueria del Sol I've been eating and loving chef Eddie Hernandez's food since TDS opened in 2000 as Sundown Café. Its conversion to an ever-expanding chain of taquerias was worrisome, but no quality has been lost. The tacos and weekly specials are all conceived with a Mexican/Southwestern style but inflected by a broad range of flavors, from Cajun to Southern. I would like to see some new dishes, but I'd kill 'em if they purged the brisket, Memphis, or carnitas tacos. 2165 Cheshire Bridge Road. 404-321-1118.

3) Cardamom Hill Few restaurants have made such a positive impression so quickly as Asha Gomez's homage to the cuisine of her native Kerala in India. It's a blend of traditional Indian and Portuguese cooking. Anything you order here is probably going to taste completely novel in a city where most of the Indian food all tastes alike. The signature dish is Gomez's fried chicken. You should try that but then go wild. There's one drawback: This is borderline fine dining, so don't expect low prices, except at lunch. 1700 Northside Drive. 404-549-7012.

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