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Cliff's top 10 Atlanta restaurants

Our longtime columnist picks his favorite eateries of 2012



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VEG OUT: Desta's vegetarian platter
  • VEG OUT: Desta's vegetarian platter

6) Eclipse di Luna I lunch here so often on Fridays with the same friends that I deserve a VIP parking spot. The menu is all small plates and, even though it changes frequently, I usually order a longtime favorite — the charcuterie and cheese plate, the Spanish-style ribs, or the piquillos stuffed with goat cheese — plus a newbie. I've literally never had anything here I didn't like. 764 Miami Circle. 404-846-0449.

5) Desta Ethiopian Kitchen I have made so many jokes about Ethiopian food over the years that I enraged one chef who appeared at CL's offices ready to turn me into tibs. Then I discovered Desta. Now I love the stuff but, due to bad karma, most friends refuse to go there with me. The one must-try dish is fish tibs. Order it along with a vegetable entrée. You're going to be shocked by the clarity of flavors. 3086 Briarcliff Road. 404-929-0011.

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