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Clan Destined: Self Titled




Stylistic purity is at an all-time high on Clan Destined's Self Titled CD. A quiet Southern accent hides in the minimalist beats of "Show Your Lighters," "Bad News" and "War Games," but there's as much refined East Coast consciousness as there is West Coast stride on the Atlanta duo's third LP. The coastal influences offer a smooth, unwavering pace that binds the album together as a conceptual whole. The disc is long, and although nothing feels unnecessary, some brilliant cameos from Lyric Jones, Señor Kaos, Boog Brown and the like get buried in a labyrinth of day-in-the-life rhymes and some of the tightest scratching and production ATL has seen in years. It's all quality, and new head-nods reveal themselves with each listen. "Far Beyond" closes the disc with a vocal track by fallen Binkis Recs MC Jax that was recorded in 2008. Whether it's profound moments like that, or funny skits about street slang, Self Titled is a unified and impeccable listen. Push play and let it ride. (5 out of 5 stars)

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