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Circulatory System: Signal Morning



Circulatory System's third record is a mess of noisy and bombastic experiments that remain true to Athens' Elephant 6 collective’s psychedelic pop ethos — at least in spirit. Former Olivia Tremor Control leader Will Cullen Hart is at his hallucinogenic best when focusing on melodies and songwriting, but he rarely allows Signal Morning’s songs to exist free of layers of sonic clutter. “Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant” sets a tone of tangled majesty where defining structures and rhythms bleed into the warped sound of a lonely mind working overtime. “This Morning (We Remembered Everything)” and the raga-like clusters of horns and chiming minimalism in “Tiny Concerts” swing between massive and microscopic detail, while “Overjoyed” is complete sensory overload. The layers of instrumentation, rhythm and sound fit together here with a convoluted sense of erratic genius. (Cloud Recordings) 4 out of 5 stars

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