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Chlorine discharge kills fish in Nancy Creek


What's left of Nancy Creek's aquatic life took another hit this month when a DeKalb County water treatment plant again released chlorine into the creek.

The state Environmental Protection Division reported that chlorine killed an undisclosed number of fish, and on Dec. 18 proposed to fine DeKalb County $7,500. This is at least the third fish kill in Nancy Creek this year caused by chlorine from the DeKalb plant.

The chlorine normally is sprayed on a sewage lagoon at the treatment plant, but after a heavy rain or when too much wastewater is pumped into the lagoon, it overflows and carries the water and poisonous chlorine into one of Nancy Creek's upper tributaries.

Water samples taken on Nov. 18 from 61 different sites along Nancy Creek found that fecal bacteria counts in the creek were 15 times higher than state clean water standards. DeKalb has agreed to spend $138 million to upgrade the plant by 2003, which is off Laurel Wood Road in Doraville.

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