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Chamblee/Doraville Wish List



1) "There are vacant lots that have been vacant for years because the developers went bankrupt and stuff. There's things they could do to improve some of those properties, whether it's putting in potted plants [or whatever]. One spot on Broad Street, there's a big hole in the ground that's been there like six or seven years." — Syl, 52, business owner

2) "Chamblee's known for automobiles and antiques, and the city doesn't support us [antique shops] the way they have in the past." — Shirley Maddux, owner, Rust N Dust Antiques

3) "The conditions of our roads, their condition is rapidly deteriorating, with potholes, cracks, and poorly done patches. ... Metal plates are left for weeks and sometimes months after utility repairs." — Rick Ellis, 56, retired from DeKalb County Marshal's Office

4) "Someone should revitalize the old GM plant. It is a huge property with excellent transportation access that could be reinvented." — Min Kye, 40, 10-year Doraville resident

5) "It would be nice to get a turn signal or some kind of turn lane on Chamblee-Tucker Road at Henderson Mill. I don't know how you'd resolve that because there's no room to widen the road. But there are a lot of accidents there." — Roy Jones, 52, owner, Galaxy Diner

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