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THE CLASS 4 stars (Not rated) See review.

TWO LOVERS See review.

AZUR AND ASMAR (Not rated) See review.

STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI Video games meet the big screen in this kung-fu flick.

JONAS BROTHERS: THE 3D CONCERT EXPERIENCE Fans of these teeny-bopppers will surely appreciate the multidimensional experience.

ECHELON CONSPIRACY Mysterious phone calls signal the beginning of an insidious and violent plot.


FILM LOVE: CIVIL RIGHTS ON FILM (Not rated) The second half of the four-part program on rare films about African-American life during the Civil Rights era continues. "The Fierce Urgency of Now" (Fri., Feb. 27, at Eyedrum) focuses on such prominent figures as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael, while "My Name Is Jason Holliday" (Sat., Feb. 28, at Emory University) offers a showcase of Portrait of Jason, an unusual, compelling film about a gay African-American cabaret performer and raconteur that feels more like a one-man play than a conventional film. Free. Eyedrum, 290 MLK Jr. Drive S.E.; Emory University, White Hall, Room 205, 480 S. Kilgo Circle N.E. 404-727-6761.

WISE BLOOD A Southern Gothic tale of "Christ-haunted" misanthropes shown for one night only by the Department of Film Studies at Emory. Originally released in 1979, John Huston's film adaptation of the great Flannery O'Connor novel will be introduced by Salman Rushdie, currently an Emory distinguished writer in residence. Free. Mon., March 2, 8 p.m. Emory University, White Hall, Room 208, 480 S. Kilgo Circle N.E. 404-727-6761.


AUSTRALIA 2 stars (PG-13) An English aristocrat (Nicole Kidman) and an Australian cattle driver (Hugh Jackman) become reluctant partners for a cattle drive across the outback at the eve of World War II. Moulin Rouge! director Baz Luhrmann indulges his taste for cartoonish hypberbole for the film's hyperactive, grating first 45 minutes, before settling down into a more conventional, tolerable Old School sprawling epic romance. He still lays on the aboriginal mysticism and Wizard of Oz references pretty thick, but at least exposes to racial inequities in Australia's history with more candor than Gone With the Wind did for the South. -- Curt Holman

BEAUTY IN TROUBLE 4 stars (NR) Set in Prague after a disastrous flood, a down on her luck mother of two (Anna Geislerová) becomes involved with a wealthy intellectual expat after her thug husband (Roman Luknár) steals the wrong car. Don't expect for this love story to turn out like Pretty Woman though, director Jan Hrebjek is more interested in exploring the differences between good intentions and sexual desire than crafting another fairy tale. -- Wyatt Williams

BEDTIME STORIES (PG) Fantasy and reality blend together when Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) tells his niece and nephew outlandish tales that mysteriously come true. The magical results turn sour when Bronson loses control of his own stories.

BOLT 3 stars (PG) Superpowered canine Bolt (voiced by John Travolta in his most enjoyable performance in a decade) protects a girl (Miley Cyrus) from evildoers, unaware that theyíre on a TV series. The dog ends up traveling cross-country with a fanboy hamster (Mark Walton) who thinks Bolt's a real hero, and a cynical alley cat ("Curb Your Enthusiasm's" Susie Essman) who knows he's not. Despite a heavily sentimental final third, the film's witty tweaks of film clichÈs and genuine affection for its characters makes Bolt almost heroic among cartoon features. -- Holman

BRIDE WARS (PG) The schedule conflict between two weddings turns best friends into bitter enemies.

CADILLAC RECORDS 4 stars (R) "If you take the ride, you must pay the price," is the tagline. This movie chronicles the rise of Chess Records and its recording artists.

CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA When a cook is mistaken for a reincarnated warriow, martial-arts hijinks ensue.

CHE 2 stars (R) Benicio del Toro stars as Argentinian-born Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara in director Steven Soderberghís epic-length biographical examination. Based on Guevaraís own journals, Che takes place in two parts, the first detailing the successful Cuban revolution, the second Guevaraís failed efforts in Bolivia. Soderbergh and del Toto deserve credit for their documentary-style approach, but the emotionally remote material and four-and-half-hour running time may not provide ample reward for the demands it makes on the audience. -- Holman

CIAO 2 stars (R) A man's unexpected death leads to an unexpected bond between his bereaved best friend (Adam Neal Smith) and an Italian graphic designer (co-writer Alessandro Calza). Malysian-born director/co-writer Yen Tan presents Ciao as an unadorned character study of Andrea and Jeff's brief encounter one weekend in Dallas. It's easy to admire the film's dedication to long scenes of casual talk, but hard to connect with its frequently stilted, borderline banal conversation. -- Holman

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC Bored with a corporate job, a young woman tries to buy happiness in this adaptation of books by Sophie Kinsella.


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