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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (R) A youg couple moves into what they think is a typical starter home.  But, it's not long before they are disturbed by an unidentified presence that is most active at night.

SÉRAPHINE (NR) Séraphine is a colorful tale based on the true story of famed art colector/critic Wilhelm Uhde's discovery of houskeeperer/painter Séraphine de Senlis. The film swept the César Awards with seven wins.

TOY STORY 3-D DOUBLE FEATURE 5 stars (G) In anticipation of next summer's Toy Story 3, Disney rereleases the computer-animated comedies that made Pixar the pre-eminent family filmmakers of our time. Enhanced with 3-D effects, the first Toy Story offers a winning introduction to the Pixar formula by exploring the rivalry of two playthings, Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). Toy Story 2 is the rare sequel that improves on the original by giving Woody a dilemma that involves the contemplation of his own mortality, along with hilarious one-liners and rousing action scenes. - Curt Holman

WHIP IT 4 stars (PG-13) See review.

ZOMBIELAND (R) See review.


The annual "celebration of Pride at the movies" includes such films as Annul Victory, which examines the emotional disconnect between President Barack Obama's inauguration and the passage of Proposition 8; the no-explanation-needed The Big Gay Musical; and the documentary Cross Burning in Willacoochee, about hate crimes against a gay couple in the small South Georgia town. $10-$20. Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, 931 Monroe Drive. 404-671-9446.

THAT'S IT (NR) (2008)
21-year-old Brazilian director Matheus Souza tells a story of twentysomethings falling in and out of love. His unique humor and Generation Y perspective culminate in a fresh take on an ordinary topic. $6-$7. 8 p.m. Sat., Oct. 3. High Museum, 1280 Peachtree St. 404-733-4570.

Get a glimpse of the inspiration behind Van Gogh's body of work. Screened in IMAX. $8-$15. Various times. Opens Fri., Oct. 2. Fernbank Museum, 767 Clifton Road. 404-929-6400.


9 3 stars (PG-13) In a post-apocalyptic city, robotic ragdolls, including inquisitive 9 (voiced by Elijah Wood), fight off the remnants of the war machines that destroyed humanity. With so many computer-animated cartoon features devoted to pop-savvy kiddie comedies about talking animals, it's refreshing to see a CGI adventure with a unique vision. Director Shane Acker's vision of jerry-rigged, Rube Goldberg-style inventions and landscapes can be fascinating. That said, 9 is PG-13 for a reason, and may be too intense for little kids and too dark for many adults. It's like Pinocchio vs. Terminator. - Curt Holman

A PERFECT GETAWAY (R) Cliff and Cydney (Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich) are an adventurous young couple celebrating their honeymoon by backpacking to one of the most beautiful - and remote - beaches in Hawaii. Hiking the wild, secluded trails, they believe they've found paradise. But when the pair comes across a group of frightened hikers discussing the horrifying murder of another newlywed couple on the islands, they begin to question whether they should turn back.

ALIENS IN THE ATTIC (PG-13) Aliens in the Attic, co-scripted by one of the writers of Madagascar and the Academy Award-winning Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbits, is an adventure/comedy about kids on a family vacation who must fight off an attack by knee-high alien invaders with world-destroying ambitions - while the youngsters' parents remain clueless about the battle.

ART AND COPY (NR) Fans of "Mad Men" will want to check out the Plaza Theatre's run of this documentary about the recent history of the advertising industry and it's relationship between art and commerce.

BIG FAN 4 stars (R) "Paul from Long Island" (Patton Oswalt), a parking lot attendant and obsessed fan of the New York Giants, has a life-changing encounter with a star linebacker (Jonathan Hamm). Writer/director Robert D. Siegel also wrote the screenplay for The Wrestler and shows a similar insight to the subcultures and rituals of sports culture. Oswalt gives Paul a compulsiveness comparable to his voice performance in Ratatouille and offers a grim character study of an individual who can't imagine a better life. - Holman

BRIGHT STAR 4 stars (PG) The Piano director Jane Campion offers a deeply-felt retelling of the doomed love affair between romantic poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and neighbor/clothing designer Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish). Though set around the same time as all those Jane Austen movies, Bright Star presents far more of the dirt, pungency and claustrophobia of the era than the usual period piece. Avoiding melodrama, Bright Star captures the aching futility of love and its redemption - at least in the textbooks - through Keats' immortal verse. – Holman 



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