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Candler Park Wish List


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1) "Create a dog park." — Kate Sandhaus, 37, technical project manager

2) "When the parkland was donated to the city by Asa Candler, he had in mind an amphitheater in the area in front of the poolhouse. I would like to see that realized for live entertainment and movies." — Mark Clement, 51, resident

3) "I wish that the demolition of existing homes, unless beyond repair and rehabilitation, would not continue. Part of the wonderful appeal of an intown neighborhood is the cultural heritage of the older homes, their imagery, their relationship to the street and their charm. As family dynamics continue to change we need to find creative ways to repurpose our existing housing stock." — Randy Pimsler, 58, architect

4) "I wish they would open the golf course up as a park for everyone on certain days." — Amy Stout, 46, project coordinator

5) "I'd love to see a small, family-friendly bar. We're in a bit of a desert here. It's a mile to L5P, two to Decatur, Arizona Pub doesn't count, and to the north is all golf and forests until you get to Emory Village, where there's no pub grub, either. Whoever can drum up buy-in and support from the neighbors will be a local hero." — Mark Larson, 30, resident

6) "I'd like to see a farmer's market. We're actually working on that and exploring the possibilities of getting that ball rolling." - Donna Palmer, 55, self-appointed director for life of the Water Ballet and personal chef


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