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Cory Silverberg, from the New York Times''s Guide to Sexuality, was kind enough to put us in touch with his father, Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D., a sex therapist and clinical hypnotherapist for more than 30 years, who gave us some feedback on erotic hypnosis.

Does erotic hypnosis work? To what capacity? Would you suggest erotic hypnosis for people who wish to overcome sexual dysfunction(s)?
Hypnosis to deal with sexual dysfunction is usually an adjunct to behavioural or psychotherapeutic approaches. I have rarely used it as the primary modality. For some it is very effective, for others not at all, and for others somewhere in between.

Does erotic hypnosis work as a one-time therapy session, or does one need to follow up with several sessions?
Rarely a one-time treatment.

Is there an organization or website you could suggest to people who wish to find a legitimate hypnotist in their area?
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis,

Why should a person seek out erotic hypnosis for their sexual dysfunctions over other medical practices?
I don't think they should.

What about for those without sexual dysfunction, but who just want to heighten their sex life?
I haven't heard of anyone doing it (other than you) and your experience does not surprise me.

What are some good indicators that a person's hypnotist is either legit or not?
Membership in the ASCH.

Any last points you'd like to clarify or let people know when it comes to hypnosis, erotic or otherwise?
Be careful. Check credentials.

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