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Cafe Circa

Eat, drink and groove on Edgewood Avenue



EDGEWOOD EDGE: Café Circa is leading the way for the resurgence of Edgewood Avenue with its sleek design and eclectic menu. But the long bar with backlit liquor bottles is where the real action is.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: On weeknights, the bar has nightly drink specials for $5. Rather than concoct froufrou "specialty" martinis, the bartenders here do the classics and do them well. Tuesday night's mojitos are especially well-balanced and refreshing, and the bartenders couldn't be happier or more accommodating.

MIXED USE: The free Wi-Fi, late-night menu and lounge area up front make for a cool neighborhood atmosphere, where people work, mingle and eat.

DINE TIME: Caribbean influence meets stoner-chic on the menu. Seriously, the chocolate chicken wings are gnarly, dude.

JAZZ IT UP: On Tuesday nights, "Dinner, Jazz and Jam" starts at 8 with live jazz and continues all night, culminating in a jam session. On Thursdays, selected performers go on at 9.

464 Edgewood Ave. 404-477-0008. Sun.-Thurs., 11-12:30 a.m.; Fri.-Sat., 11-2:30 a.m.

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