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Buckhead/Brookhaven Wish List



1) "I'd like to see better transportation and somewhere to dance. There's nowhere to get funky." — Lewis Favor, Starbucks barista, 12-year Buckhead resident

2) "One thing that I would like to see in the future is more recreation and more entertainment — more stuff to do outside of the traditional bar scene for young adults. I think the more that the city can change the stigma of what Buckhead is, and get past the initial stereotypes — that you're upper-class wealthy, or a young professional right out of college trying to pursue that rager lifestyle — the better. I'd also like to see an eclectic or more diverse collection of shops and businesses come to Buckhead." — Britton Clark, 26, media relations manager for Atlanta Mission/Buckhead resident

3) "I would love to see road improvements to reduce traffic, and efforts to encourage small-business development and investment. I also wish there was a nearby Krispy Kreme!" — Camille Kesler, 40, president of the Junior League of Atlanta (JLA), which is based in Buckhead

4) "I'm not saying that I live in the 'perfect' neighborhood, but in a short block radius, I can walk to get coffee, get a well-balanced lunch at Souper Jenny or the bar at Whole Foods, walk to get an afternoon cocktail, and quickly be at a great dinner spot. I can walk to the dry cleaners, nail salon, hair salon, and grocery store. I guess I'm a pretty satisfied resident." — Marla Kaplan, 33, freelance art director and designer/Buckhead resident

5) "If I could change one thing about Buckhead it would be to have a neighborhood public high school that serves only three [elementary] feeder schools from the community: Smith, Brandon, and Jackson school rather than the six currently being served. North Atlanta High is too big and it doesn't serve the community as well as any of the three elementary schools do. Why do we have such stellar elementary schools and such poor comparisons for middle and high school? — Deenie Anderson, 45, pastry chef/Buckhead resident

6) "I don't know. Buckhead is fine. Whatever." — Jake Anderson, 13, student/Buckhead resident

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