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Brakin' it down



Brake Pad in College Park is sister speakeasy to the Universal Joint in Decatur's Oakhurst neighborhood. Their similarities may not be so apparent from the outside, but a strong family resemblance does indeed exist. For instance, both are converted from former gas stations. Both serve neighborhoods that previously didn't have hangouts. And most importantly, they both have punny car part names. I hope the owners call their next place the Jackshaft. OK, so that moniker is not at all punny, but it's my favorite car part.

Like its sibling, Brake Pad is a bona fide neighborhood bar. Regardless of race or sexual preference, if you live nearby and wanna get out of the house, Brake Pad's the place to go. Show up around dinnertime and it's filled with a diverse crowd who, judging by their dress, are stopping by on the way home from work to hang out with friends and grab a bite to eat. After dinner and a few drinks, the crowd gets friendly and chatty. Last time I was there, I heard two life stories, and some guy took my phone and told my girlfriend that he loved her.

The burgers and wings were top-notch, according to my dining mates. I can vouch that the quesadillas and fries are delicious as well. On draft, you can get yourself pitchers of Bass, Sierra Nevada, Harp ($12 each), as well as many a lesser beer. They've got Newcastle for anglophiles ($5), Yellow Tail for cheap white winos ($15 per bottle), and a busy train track for trainspotters.

Brake Pad, 3403 Main St., College Park. Mon.-Sun. 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Sun. brunch 11 a.m.-3 p.m. 404-766-1515.


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