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Bottomless Pit: Blood Under the Bridge

Comedy Minus One



Chicago's Bottomless Pit was forged from tragedy. After Silkworm drummer Michael Dahlquist was killed in a 2005 car accident, Andy Cohen and Tim Midgett decided to table their long-running project in favor of a more stripped down, clear-cut sound. That Bottomless Pit's new record, Blood Under the Bridge, can be called uplifting speaks to the band's enduring spirit. Blood is one of the best records of the year thus far. The group's style - bombastic, crunchy guitars; raspy, melodic vocals - hints at familiar post-punk touchstones, but remains its own. It's a remarkably uncluttered record. Songs like the fuzzy, nostalgic "Summerwind" - with the ambivalent refrain, "It's not nothing I'd do again" - or the ringing, anthemic "Is it a Ditch" effortlessly achieve the kind of musical richness bands like the Hold Steady fruitlessly strive for. At 34 minutes, Blood is brief, but Bottomless Pit gets its point across just fine. (4 out of 5 stars)

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