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BOSCO: Let Go of Me EP




With her latest three-song EP, Brittany Bosco and company stroll further down the ethereal plane, crafting a release filled with spacious and seductive rhythms, steeped in cavernous reverb. The clear-eyed rumble of "Balloons" steadily builds to an apex of clean, bold production colored by shadowy melodies. It sets a lingering tone for this three-hit slow-burner that sheds the industrial-strength haze of her prior offerings. "You" and "Joker" follow the lead, evoking none of the urgency of last year's Pacer EP. Instead there's a quietude to each song that carries her aesthetic in a different but natural direction, all the while keeping a firm grip on the stylistic threads she's put in place over the last few years. As mysterious and sensual as ever, and slurred with just a touch of exquisite gloom, Let Go of Me is tailor-made for live trip-hop excursions. (4 out of 5 stars)

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