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Boozy the Imp'S top five



Boozy the Imp is co-host of Chick & Boozy: It's a Hoo-Haw Christmas at Dad's Garage Theatre through Dec. 23. As told to puppeteer Lucky Yates, these are his current cultural favorites.

1) Found magazine -- www.foundmagazine.com: "This is the greatest idea ever. Some guy in Michigan finds crap like old love letters and embarrassing photos in garbage cans and prints them in a magazine. It's the most genuine peek into human life available."

2) "Deadwood" -- HBO: "Holy frijoles! I just watched Season One on the DVD. The only time I've heard the word 'cocksucker' uttered more was at Thanksgiving at my grandma's house!"

3) Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum: "Delicious, cheap and it has a picture of a hula girl on it! It's named after some tattoo artist who had a rum recipe. What kind of guy has his own rum recipe, anyway?"

4) Chumbawamba: "They have that one song about mixing all those different boozes. Somebody's puking by the end of that song! An iPod favorite."

5) Robert Downey Jr.: A hard-partying movie star past his prime -- he's the Chick Starley of the 21st century. This guy is bound to end up living in a Chevron bathroom.

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