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Bobby, Whitney and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon


"This picture says to me that Whitney just wasn't with it that day. She looks like Sharon has offered her an unappetizing plate of food. Her head is down but her mouth is open, like she's out of it or surprised."

"Bobby's got this relaxed jaw thing going on. Common for him, I've found. His eyes are unfocused. He looks drugged. Almost always in photos with his wife, he stands or sits so he's in front of her and she's behind him. It shows his desire for male dominance. And I haven't seen her battle or fight it in other photos I've read of them, so that tells me she's acquiescing. Spacing is one of the most powerful parts of our nonverbal communication -- who's forward and who's back. Tom Cruise often steps in front of whatever woman he is with. Jennifer Lopez typically stands and walks in front of her mate as well, although I haven't read photos of her with her current husband, Marc Anthony. There are times when male celebs stand in front so the bodies are partially overlapped. This and other cues tell me that, rather than being dominant, they're protecting the woman from the paparazzi."

"Their whole orientation is toward the camera. They're not honoring him by turning toward him."

"Sharon has the expectation that of course they're going to shake hands with him. There's no anger or animosity on him. He just thinks they're odd."

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