More tasty PES at Animation Show



This year's installment of The Animation Show (reviewed here), opening July 4 at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, features a charming little cartoon called "Western Spaghetti," the latest cartoon confection from the animator PES (Adam Pesapane). "Western Spaghetti" is another of the animator's stop-motion, doodle-like shorts that involves candy or other foodstuffs substituting for familiar objects: in the 11-second "The Fireplace," PES renders a Yule log in candy corn and pretzels. A previous Animation Show featured "Game Over," PES' tribute to old-school arcade video games, with familiar sound effects:

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PES's fun food-related shorts are completely work safe and kid-friendly — which is more than you can say for his hilarious "Roof Sex," which features furniture instead of food, as well as a killer punchline.

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