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Remember waaay back in our June 4 issue, where we ran my review of the not-terribly-charming Hats Off, filmmaker Jyll Johnstone's loving profile of 93-year-old bit-part actress Mimi Weddell? (Of course you do!) Well, as is often the case with independent movies, the release date kept getting pushed back (the first time, after we'd gone to press and printed the review) and back and back until, according to the publicist, it's actually not going to show in Atlanta. Ever.

With all due respect to Mimi, you didn't miss much, as I wrote in the review …

Despite her years, and her quaint biography, in Hats Off Weddell becomes little more than a character — someone who happened to be at the right place at the right time. As the movie grinds along, we start to suspect there's not much else there. While Young@Heart made several performers of a certain age ripe with feeling and depth, Hats Off leaves the viewer wanting to know more.

Young@Heart. Now that's a movie to watch. Check out Curt Holman's review. And it's still playing in Atlanta (at the Tara).


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