Bomb It: New graffiti doc from Jon Reiss



When Jon Reiss' new graffiti documentary, Bomb It, showed up on my desk I was excited by its concept, a global look at graffiti art and culture, but immediately turned off by the cover art, which features a busty bleach-blond woman in a tube top holding a couple cans of spray paint. It turns out the cover model is L.A. artist DJ Lady Tribe, a no-bullshit female who earned her spot in the city's hardcore scene hanging from overpasses and climbing billboards.

Personalities such as Tribe carry Reiss' (Better Living Through Circuitry) and producer Tracy Wares' enlightening and fast-paced film. Bomb It traces the art and its counter culture from its origins in 1960s Philadelphia to its current state around the world in cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo and São Paulo through the eyes of those who live it.

Bomb It was released on DVD May 27, and screens Sat.-Mon., June 7-9 at 8:30 p.m. at Eyedrum. Graffiti artist Zephyr is scheduled to attend the Saturday showing.

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(Chaz Bojorquez's artwork pictured; photo courtesy

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