Free American Pie DVDs!



Well, sort of. We culled through our dusty promo closet and dug up some leftover, shrink-wrapped copies of American Pie Presents Beta House DVD released last December. And in an effort to continue our spring-cleaning around here, we'd like to share the last three copies with you, our pervy readers!

Suffice to say that no one on staff reviewed this (final) installment of the American Pie franchise. Critics were less than kind to this one, with one accusing it of being "completely and utterly devoid of anything even resembling competence," although one kind soul wrote, "In the great tradition of college booze, carefree sex, and gross behavior, Beta House pushes right up against the limits of the genre." (And yes, this is the "unrated" version. Do with that what you will.)

To win your copy, we offer this challenge: Read Curt Holman's review of 2003's American Wedding and name at least TWO actors who did not return from the original cast, and we'll give a free DVD to the first three people who answer. We'll even throw in a free copy of Sex and Sensibility: Ten Women Examine the Lunacy of Modern Love … in 200 Cartoons. (Email me at "" with your answer.)

We plan to offer up more fun free stuff this summer for our readers, including next week's 2008 Summer Guide, which among other things will offer tickets to cool events this summer. Stay tuned.

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