The March of the Lebowskis



Atlanta has to steal this, because it's the greatest idea ever. Through the blog of a friend, I found out about Portland's "March of the Lebowskis," potentially the first annual of such an event. Apparently "Cort and Fatboy" of radio station KUFO-FM in Portland, Ore., organized a parade of Big Lebowski fans, dressed in costume as either Jeff "The Dude" Bridges or other characters from The Coen Brothers' modern-day cult classic, to coincide with an annual screening of the film. According to my friend, who was one of the marching, bathrobed Lebowskis:

Soon after 9 o’clock, staffers from the radio station lined us up to check our IDs, to prove we were 21 and older, and give out wristbands that would let us walk straight into the lobby without paying. By then, we had well over one hundred people... Being amongst Lebowski fans, I was not surprised to smell the thick smell of burnin’ herbal, either. Most of the big noise came from the traffic, both the usual traffic and the one or two people who rolled down their windows and yelled “The Dude abiiiiides!”

Obviously this could have some logistic complications with crowd control, but it seems like a natural for The Plaza Theatre or Landmark Midtown Art Cinema. The Big Lebowski seems an inspired choice, because The Dude lends himself to such an easy costume: just get bathrobe, sunglasses and flip-flops, and you can probably pass; people who want more of a challenge could dress as, say Jon Turturro's leering rival bowler, Jesus.

A non-Lebowski parade would suit Screen on the Green, but I'm not sure that this year's line-up (Jaws, Big Momma's House, Chicago, etc.) would lend itself to costumes.

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