Two other Iron Man tidbits



Iron Man — a plucky little independent film from the director of Swingers and featuring the stars of Less Than Zero, Hustle & Flow and The Big Lebowski — opens in theaters today. Here are two quick Iron Man-related factoids you might find useful.

1. Carlton Hargro, former member of Creative Loafing Atlanta's editorial department and now editor of Creative Loafing Charlotte, has written "A Geek's Guide to Understanding Iron Man," a cover story that provides a primer on Tony Stark and ol' "Shell-Head."

2. You know those little scenes that sometimes appear at the end of closing credits? I always stay through the end of big blockbuster movies, because they are most likely to have them. At Tuesday night's critics screening of Iron Man, the print had no little "stinger" scene at the end. I have heard from multiple sources, however, that Iron Man's theatrical print DOES include a surprise that features a cameo from an iconic screen actor as an important (if lesser-known) character in the "Marvel Comics Universe." It's apparently worth the wait, but I say: No fair! Now I have to see it again, or wait for the DVD Easter Egg. At any rate, my Iron Man review is here.

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