Another Tyler Perry film? Already?



Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns opens tomorrow, and as usual, the Atlanta movie mogul did not pre-screen the film for critics, so we can't tell you anything about it. (That no-screening strategy seems to be working out pretty well for Perry, one must say.) In lieu of actually meeting the Browns, this week Creative Loafing devotes a cover story to the Tyler Perry phenomenon and why some people — our own Andisheh Nouraee in particular — just don't "get" him. Nouraee and a panel of experts watched Why Did I Get Married?, Perry's previous film, released about six months ago.

If you're going to see Meet the Browns, or if you see it and want to check in afterwards, you might want to compare it to our Tyler Perry Primer from this time last year, which came out in advance of Daddy's Little Girls, which wasn't pre-screened, either. (That's three films released within a year of each other, and doesn't count Perry's TV series, "House of Payne.") The graph compares such constants from his films as money-grubbing villians, messages against premarital sex and buff shirtless guys. How will Meet the Browns measure up?

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