Turner Schofield signs book, spins wheel




Photo by Jim Stawniak; image courtesy of Scott Turner Schofield

At 7:30 tonight, March 13, at Charis Books, Atlanta transgendered writer, performer and Creative Loafing cover guy Scott Turner Schofield will sign copies of his new book, Two Truths and a Lie. The volume collects his three autobiographical solo shows about his gender-journey from Katie Kilborn to Scott Turner Schofield: Underground TRANSit, Debutante Balls and Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps. (For more information on the event, click here).

To present the flavor of the volume and Schofield, the "Choose Your Own Adventure" portion of the book, as performed in Becoming a Man, features audience participation and the "Wheel of Gender" visual aid seen below: "Of course, when you label all of these parts of yourself, they never add up to the whole sum of you. But if they did, we wouldn't have any drama, and no drama means no Myspace! Noooo! So I want you to call out a number for what you see in me. Every number has a story. What you see and what you get almost never match up, but we'll have a great time getting there."


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