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I was just talking to Felicia Feaster and we agreed that trying to "live-blog" from an Oscar party is definitely a weird and surprisingly stressful thing. I'm used to watching the Oscars with a few film-friendly pals ready to treat it like an episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000," with a loved one, or my dog. Clearly, with so many folks joining us for the fun (and thanks for joining us), the challenge became juggling the actual enjoyment of the Oscars with blogging about it, and I found it to be a bit of schizophrenic experience. It was made more so when my now-ancient iBook ran out of juice about an hour into the proceedings, and I had to move to the back of the room to power back up using an outlet. It's quite difficult for most folks not named Curt Holman to experience something and then turn around and provide insightful commentary in "real time." Oh, that's what the "live" in "live-blogging" means! Duly noted. I'll learn to enjoy the telecast better next season now that I (hopefully) know the drill, but going back over the feed I wasn't too ashamed of my comments except for the one in which I called this year's crop of gowns "dramatic." ("Off the rack" might have been more accurate.)

The Oscar ceremony itself was fairly predictable. I thought this year's crop of nominees was a bit disappointing so I didn't have too many dogs in the hunt. Though I will say I was thrilled that "Falling Slowly" (from the superb film Once) winning for Best Original Song was sweet vindication considering how badly Oscar otherwise overlooked an amazing year for rock ’n' roll in movies in favor of all those lame Disneyfied tunes from Enchanted.

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But what made it fun was the party I attended. The party was hosted by Craig Eister (pictured, at right), who's been doing this for years, and benefits the AIDS Survival Project, which offers a range of support services for those living with HIV/AIDS. Streeter, looking rather evil in his Daniel "I drink your milk shake!" Plainview costume, says the event raises about $13,000. I'd chosen this party as the sort of "mama bear" choice in that it was smaller than the Center for Family Resources 12th Annual Gala (the officially sponsored "Oscar Night America" one) that sounded fun but a bit overwhelming for my purposes) and the humble movie-fan group gathering in the upstairs room of Manuel's Tavern (which seemed a bit smallish).

The AIDS Survival Project party, held in the Windsor Ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead, featured a tasty buffet of heavy hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar, with a huge projection screen and so-so sound system blasting the proceedings. It's definitely something worth checking out next year, along with the other two. PLEASE let us here at PopSmart know of any other Oscar gatherings worth mentioning next year, and we'll file it away for future use.

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