CL live-blogs the Oscars!



Will Atonement make an epic showing? Can Juno carry its success to term? Will Michael Clayton be found not guilty? Can No Country for Old Men hit the target? Or can There Will Be Blood strike it rich?

Join our film critics, Felicia Feaster and Curt Holman, and me while we ponder those questions and plenty more as we present our first-ever live blog during the Academy Awards ceremonies Sunday, Feb. 24, right here on PopSmart. The ceremonies start at 8 p.m., but we'll hop on a few minutes earlier and start the discussion. You're welcome to join in the discussion, too, by coming to PopSmart and getting in on the action yourself!

We've loved the reader response to our live blogs for other recent events, including the Super Tuesday presidential primaries, the Grammy Awards and Thursday's Democratic debate.

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