See & Do: Annette Gates



Athens sculptor ANNETTE GATES makes creatures rooted in the biological reality of microscopic single-cell organisms. Blown up to bagel-size, the organisms become frighteningly extraterrestrial. Her porcelain sculptures in Symbiosis, continuing today., DEC. 26 at Kiang Gallery's smart new Westside space, run from lewd to playful, seductive to shudder-inducing. Gates' forms cluster in what the artist calls colonies, mimicking the behavior of lower and more elevated life-forms, from the single-celled to the human pack. The pieces inspire a delightful litany of associations, from sand dollars and squash blossoms to unmentionable male anatomy. Part of the pleasure of the show is the tangible things her sculptures evoke, as well as their freedom and flux. Through Jan. 5. Free. Tues.-Fri., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat., noon.-5 p.m. 1011-A Marietta St. 404-892-5477.

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