The Dude still abides, at 58



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Happy Birthday, Jeff Bridges, who celebrates his 58th birthday today, hopefully with 10 frames and a full glass of White Russian. And for more on the now freakish cult film that has endeared him to Marmot fans everywhere, check out this New York Times mini-review on the new book I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski (which I'm embarrassed to admit I have yet to crack open) .

Here's a snippet from the blurb:

This overachieving volume features drink recipes, a faux flip book, location shots and witty, star-struck interviews with actors major (Julianne Moore, who played Maude Lebowski) and minor (Robin Jones, who was the gum-chewing checkout girl). … The Coen brothers declined to participate, but the book includes their response to an interview request, in which they reminded the infatuated authors of past enabling: “We let you borrow the marmot. Don’t push it.”

Question: When will this man win an Oscar? Fuckin'-A!

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