Georgia's own Superhero speaks up about recent Colorado tragedy


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I'm still at a loss for words regarding the tragic events that occurred in Aurora Colo. - Its senseless and hard to grasp that magnitude of evil where 12 die, 59 wounded in an unprovoked theater massacre.

While I don't know what to say about the matter, apparently Georgia's own superhero, Captain Black does. Captain Black is a member of the Real Life Superhero (RLSH) community or "Reals" as they're often referred - often costumed civilians noted for doing neighborhood watches or community service work in the spirit of the comic book ethos that inspired them. "Cap" as he's known in his city of operations Savannah posted a rally cry for heroes to rise up and answer to call.

Members of what media calls ” the real life superhero ( RLSH ) ” now have a golden opportunity to put aside petty squabbles in the face of a masked assault embodying the worst villainy of fact and fiction. Their use of superhero imagery can assume new seriousness in wake of this tragedy.

Georgias own real life superhero Captain Black
  • Captain Black

The Free World is being tested these days. From domestic crime to foreign terrorism free people are being battered by angry dissidents and worse. Those who enjoy comic books unbridled freedom and the few who even take this to the streets should unite to pump new life into tired appeals about being vigilant in public.

You can read the entire post on his blog.

According to available public information on websites like and The World Superhero Registry, Captain Black is one of three notable reals in the state of Georgia, but only heroes The Phantom Shadow, Crimson Fist, and Metadata are registered in the Atlanta area. Known-around-town real Danger Woman is not affiliated with either organization. So far, neither of the local reals have commented on the matter.


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