Sonia and Ed at the Takers red carpet

Local celebs and fans make their way to film premiere at Atlantic Station


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So, the Red Carpet at Atlantic Station was all abuzz last night for the screening of Takers. And everyone, including the free pass holders were enjoying themselves - even in the humid heat of the evening.

Some of the first celebs to arrive were Yung L.A., Drumma Boy and Young Dro. No matter the question we asked, all were happy for T.I. and were there to support him. They also praised Atlanta as the new Mecca for entertainment. Even Takers film director John Lussenhop assured me, he would be back to film here.

A few other celebs passing through were Judge Hatchett, Angie Stone and Terri J. Vaughn (The Game, All Of Us, The Steve Harvey Show). Too nervous to talk to the Judge (she’s so stinking smart and articulate!), but as a big fan of TLC, I damn near climbed over the security guard’s back to talk to Chili. I figured as single parent chilling on a night out, we would be kindred spirits. She advises that yes, she was done with the school shopping and although her daughter wanted to come out, it was a “school night.” So with parent duties in check, I ask, “What does Chili want?” Her answer, simply, “Paul Walker.” No surprise, that some of the other woman on the red carpet said the same. Lisa Hartwell of The Real Housewives’ of Atlanta echoed the same name answer just minutes later. Once I saw the Fast & Furious star up close and in person I, too had the same wish.

Paul, here in Atlanta to film Fast Five (the fifth Fast & Furious), says the heat here is not a concern. “You know people talk about Atlanta’s heat. We just got in from Puerto Rico and this is nothing.”

Shoot, I try go for broke with T.I. and Michael Ealy, but only manage to ask two questions. With Michael I wanted to know what is next for him and even suggest a musical. He balks advising, “I just don’t sing well enough, love to do much more action.”

As for T.I. he answers my queries with the suaveness far beyond his 30 years. He would not say exactly what is on tap for him next, but whether or not he will do another genre up film is up in the air. “Can’t call it. Whatever I can do to diversify myself as an actor.”

Takers opens Friday, August 27 in area theaters.

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Local and film celebs grace the red carpet for the premiere of Takers starring Atlanta rapper T.I. at Atlantic Station.

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